Monday, December 6, 2010

no more appliances!!

Remember the room we started a few weeks ago? It's coming along! Paula spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend sealing all the cracks and getting it painted (four coats). Last Saturday we were able to clean the appliances and get them moved into the room. Eric removed the door to the room and reattached the weather stripping that fell off last spring making it easier, yet, to keep clean. The front porch now looks twice as big! Screening the porch has always been on the list. Can you see why?

This week marks the first time in MHf history that eggs have been removed from the weekly list of available products. The shorter days have really taken a toll on egg production. On the farm, fewer daylight hours equal fewer eggs. So why isn't that the case with the commercial industry? Simple - they install lights in the hen house to keep egg production constant year-round. MHf certainly could do that (we have the electrical capabilities). However, there's a reason God designed our year with varying lengths to the days. It's okay to be without something for a short time or even for an entire season. We just appreciate it more when it is available. MHf's journey to sustainability includes finding the benefit of every season so far as it relates to farm productivity. Right now the shorter days have a negative affect on egg production, but a positive affect on our ability to plan next year's garden. It all cycles. Next summer when the hens are laying by the boat-load and the garden has us wondering why we planted so much, we will be looking forward to winter's time of rest. Bear with us. Local food is not always convenient food. But our hope is that you think it's worth every bit of effort put into it.

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At December 6, 2010 at 1:18 PM , Anonymous Chris said...

Great post, & I couldn't agree more that we could all learn to take our cues from the season and slow down. It would do us a lot of good. Looking forward to eggs when they do come back though!


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